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For this end of June wedding in Salmon Arm BC, we caught up with this Langley BC couple for an intimate wedding on some countryside property filled with character. Surrounded by friends and family, Billy and Jessica made there vows in a small, beautiful church located right on the grounds where the reception was to be held. With a cool summer breeze, (and only a brief sprinkle of rain) dinner, speeches, and first dances went off without a hitch.

Billy and Jessica adapted well to some last minute arrangements that had to be made, and showed some some great resilience with a venue change. Sometimes plan B is better.

Hailing from Egypt and Mexico, Mohamed and Iliana, met here in Canada, and were married last weekend. Opting for a spectacular forest and waterfalls for the backdrop, we roamed Crystal Falls Trail in this elopement style photo session.

Check out some highlights below.

The landscape of Kelowna British Columbia is changing. Beauty it seems, is obvious in many places throughout the Okanagan Valley. Check out a little bit of Catherine & Nick's wedding as we visit one of British Columbia's most scenic places.


Winding down with the final days of October, we jumped head first into what is likely our final wedding photography venture of 2018. Fall colours, cool weather, and the beautiful Simon Fraser University all primed for what was to be an excellent day for everyone.

As Gillian and Cailen readied themselves to meet at the University, we documented the pre-ceremony hours with each at family homes. Then moving on to the venue at the University, guests were greeted and welcomed just before the ceremony began. Afterwards, we headed outdoors to the university grounds for some creative and personal photo time with the bride and groom.

The grounds of the University were spattered with yellow and orange bursting foliage. A beautiful enhancement to the concrete designed structures that make up SFU. The sun screaming through the peaks and valleys of the concrete structures created unique opportunities for us as photographers to use the light and get creative. Gillian and Cailen did the rest... Quite...

Just as the minutes wound down toward ceremony time, a storm kicked in and let loose some wild rain. Sean, family, and friends took shelter while Katie looked out from inside the house. With anticipation building, they were able to find a break in the rain to set the ceremony in motion in this wonderful lakeside setting.

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