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A Wedding In An Okanagan Orchard.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Mia & Isaac | Gatzke Orchard in Oyama, British Columbia

Mia & Isaac's outdoor wedding at Gatzke Orchard was fun, bright, and intimate. We captured some fun photos in the orchards and surrounding environment. As the sun set, everyone enjoyed drinks, dancing, and conversation, celebrating a day to be marked in Mia & Isaac's memories forever.

This bride and groom had the entire wedding party in Converse shoes. Guys and girls both! Now we have seen some groomsmen in Chucks before, but Isaac and Mia took it to the next level with personalized, graffiti kicks! The groomsmen all received personalized hatchets from Isaac, and Mia's bridesmaids all received personalized accessories, and a handkerchief that she specified was for 'happy tears only'. The wedding decor included some absolutely beautiful bohemian-style dream catchers handmade by the mother of the bride, an orchard full of cherries ripe and ready to eat right from the tree, a cowbell, and not to mention the stunning view of Lake Country in the Okanagan Valley.

When we arrived at Gatzke Orchard in Oyama, we walked with the wedding party down a line of fruit trees, to the ceremony. We arrived at a clearing that sloped downward. White chairs lined in rows for family and friends, the sun high in the crystal clear blue sky, and the mountains sitting quiet but firm beyond the orchard. It was a quietly stunning spot! Two vintage doors stood in place of an alter and added nicely to the picturesque backdrop. This location had such an earthy feel to it. The reception took place outdoors, under the cover of vines, while the dance floor sat adjacent in the open air, lit by strings of lights crossing their way back and forth.

Family and friends of the bride and groom literally traveled from all over North America to celebrate. You could tell there was a ton of love here! Did we mention two of the bridesmaids rapped a personalized cover of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song for Mia? And how one of the groomsmen rushed at the last minute, all the way into downtown Kelowna to search for new pants that were the exact shade of grey when he realized he didn't match the others? The heart and soul of this couple was evident through the friends and family that shared the day with them, and in all the little details that tied the day together.

Congratulations Isaac & Mia!

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