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The Beaches of Tofino British Columbia - Nicole & Christian

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Tofino. Another first time photo location for the 2017 year. Although we had been to Tofino before, and were married ourselves in nearby Ucluelet, this time we were able to see things in a fresh perspective. Nicole and Christian were staying in a hotel right next to the beach and when we arrived, we all treked over to a quiet spot near the end of it. This was an elopement style wedding with just the two of them, their daughter, a friend, and their awesome dog Apollo. An intimate, sun filled day with a side of waves, peace, and a few refreshments. The day was a short one, but a final stop at a local dock where a rustic ship was waiting to be used for something other than its usual day-to day ended our afternoon perfectly.

Congratulations Nicole and Christian. Thank you for bringing us to the Pacific Rim.

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