• Fitch Photography

Helicopters to a Whistler B.C Glacier Ceremony

This Elopement style wedding in Whistler B.C took to the sky to reach it's ceremony location. After soaring above the lakes and mountain ranges of Whistler, catching some very unique views of the region, we landed [safely] on Rainbow Glacier. We all removed our communication headsets, and exited the helicopter while Evelyn and Frazer selected the perfect spot for their ceremony. The videographer and I took note of best angles and gave our professional suggestions. With their officiant clad in Jedi attire, [May the fourth be with you] they began the ceremony and exchanged their own personally written vows. Some of the most well written I must say.

Surprisingly, given the high altitude, there was little wind to harass us, and a calm and collected temperature of 1 degree celcius kept us all from noticing the cold. Frazer's stylish blue suit was made of wool, so I assume he noticed the least.

After the ceremony, and spending some time photographing the glacier mountaintop experience, we returned to the helicopter. I was the last to board and snapped a quick shot of Frazer throwing up a shaka. "A happy man" I thought to myself. On the return flight to the Whistler Blackcomb basecamp, I found myself remembering my own wedding. Although well before this pandemic, it was not so different from this wedding. An elopement type affair with personally written vows. There were no family members present. No close friends of ours. Just the two of us. Our witnesses? The hired guns we recruited for the day.

After the landing, the pilot cut the helicopter engine, and we moved to the deck to sign the marriage certificate. Now officially married, we packed up our vehicles and moved locations to Lakeside Park where Evelyn and Frazer's professional picnic designer had set up a woodland experience for the two. Complete with charcuterie boards, champagne and other thoughtful touches, it was an afternoon to be enjoyed.

I'm glad Britney was quick to snap a shot of Frazer's champagne bottle pop. Check out that, and all the happenings of our day together below.